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Word of mouth sells is a company that is passionate about helping new business owners get started. We all get into business for different reasons, whether it be to do something we are passionate about, or make money so that we can support ourselves and our loved ones, or even just to get ahead. No matter the why, starting out is hard for everyone. We at Word of Mouth understand this, and are here to help. No this isn’t a charity, although we do provide free websites. We make a little bit off of the hosting for $15/month. But our system is designed to help business owners have a website at a cost that you can afford. We are here for you.

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Although we focus on providing free value, maybe that’s not all you need. We at Word of Mouth provide the best in SEO, DESIGN, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, BRAND, GOOGLE ADVERTISING and brand development. We know how marketing works and how to put your brand at the top.

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who we are

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For 20 years of my life, I’ve been helping businesses grow. Beginning in my childhood, my father had trained me in e-commerce,  assisting in all sides of his online business. Online marketing is what I know, and I’d love to help your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions


This business is technical. Questions are welcome!

We take pride in our passion for helping business owners from diverse background get a strong start. Providing a website at no cost is a real way we strive to make an impact. The success of privately owned business is important across a number of platforms – And of equal importance – on an individual level.

Let me shoot straight here. Just because we provide a Website free of charge does not mean that quality is ever sacrificed. We know quality is important for your brand, which is why we provide top of the line, mobile responsive, beautiful websites that will represent you and your business well, and help you stand out from the competition.

Along with Websites and Design, we also provide marketing services such as Social Media, Good Ads, Search Engine Optimization, etc. Although websites are our only free service, we are careful to make our other services as affordable as possible given the inherently diverse costs of advertising across different business fields. Along with affordability, we also provide quality, along with an effort to make everything hands-off for our clients. Our goal is that you see the leads come in while we work.

Results will always vary across fields of expertise. With that said, I can say that we’ve had an excellent track record of happy customers. I can also say that the best results are achieved over time and don’t happen right away. This is why a turn-key strategy, tailored to your business model is important. Not only so that it is hands-off for you, but also so that your sales and revenue grow consistently.